VW Golf PCV Valve Replacement

Here we have a VW Golf PCV valve replacement.

The PCV valve controls emissions. It does this by taking the gases produced by the crankcase and routes them back into your engine’s combustion chambers to be safely burned without harming your vehicle or the environment. While gases can exit the crankcase through the PCV valve, they cannot return into it.

How to know when your PCV valve has gone bad

When a PCV valve start to go bad, you will notice that the performance of your vehicle will get worse. This is usually exhibited by a buildup of pressure in the exhaust or by the engine stalling. The bad PCV valve may not close all the way, so oxygen may get into the combustion chamber.
This was the case with this Volkswagon Golf MK7 R. We replaced the PCV valve with a genuine Volkswagon PCV valve.

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VW Golf PCV Valve Replacement