Audi RS3 Exhaust Upgrade


Another recent job carried out by the team here at Prime Euro Services, an Audi RS3 exhaust upgrade.

There are some clear benefits to adding a performance exhaust system to your vehicle, for vanity and performance. Installing a performance exhaust system will not only make your car look cool, it will help it to run more efficiently.

  • Improved Sound – A performance exhaust system sounds stronger and more powerful than many standard stock exhausts
  • Improved Style – Adding a performance exhaust system will improve the overall look of your vehicle making it more sporty
  • Increased Horsepower – When your engine is able to breathe better it draws in more air with each cycle, which in turn increases the power of your engine
  • Better Fuel Economy – Performance exhaust systems help maintain optimal air levels inside your engine which reduce the need for your engine to consume extra fuel to compensate for dirty air levels

With our world class facility and highly skilled staff, we are ready to service just about any vehicle that drives into our workshop with the highest quality parts and workmanship.

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Audi RS3 exhaust upgrade

Audi RS3 exhaust upgrade