Golf Heater Core Replacement

Here we have a Volkswagen Golf R MK7 in for a coolant heater core replacement.

This replacement was required due to the car leaking coolant inside the vehicle behind the dashboard area.

We also carried out a complete coolant flush.

It is important to not put off a heater core replacement. Besides not functioning as it is supposed to, a leaking heater core creates a mess. The liquid that leaks is coolant and can cause damage to your car. Coolant, also known as Antifreeze, is toxic. If somehow ingested, it can make a person very ill. Ethylene glycol, methanol and propylene glycol are among the main ingredients present and may lead to serious symptoms and even death if consumed and not immediately treated.

Even if you don’t consume the  coolant directly, the vaporized coolant can still circulate inside the vehicle. If that vaporized coolant ends up in your lungs, it can make you and your passengers very sick.

Don’t put off having your heater core replaced thinking that you can just keep topping up the coolant, the damage can be more serious than you think.

For a heater core replacement, whether it be for a VW Golf, or any other make/model you may have, call us today on 08 6296 3894 or connect with us on Facebook.

Heater Core Replacement Ellenbrook

Heater Core Replacement Ellenbrook