VW Golf Lowering Springs


These VW Golf lowering springs were installed by the Prime Euro Services team to a MK7 Golf R.

Lowering your car or ute so that it is closer to the ground can look great and also boosts handling performance.

There are some benefits to lowering your car. These include;

Less Lean When Cornering – The leaning of the car around corners is greatly reduced because the shift of weight is less due to the lower center of gravity

Better Handling – Being closer to the ground allows improved responsiveness, more stability and road grip at speed. Lowering springs being stiffer means there is less weight transfer, resulting in faster acceleration and quicker stops

Improved Traction – Lowering usually means plus-sized tyres and wheels are utilised. These tyres have shorter sidewalls, larger road contact area and less roll around corners

Improved Looks – A lowered car looks sporty and will certainly turn heads

With our world class facility and highly skilled staff, we are ready to lower just about any vehicle that drives into our workshop with the highest quality parts and workmanship.

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VW Golf Lowering Springs